Daily Bread 10/6: Focus

Focus is one of the most important factors on the road to success. There are so many things that can so easily distract you from your goals.¬†You may have a big list of things you plan to accomplish today, but then you turn on the tv, just for background noise. Well, then there’s a movie on that catches your interest and before you know it two hours are gone.

Maybe you plan to work late and get ahead of the curve, but then a friend calls and wants you to go out. All of a sudden you wasted the night and maybe even part of the next morning.

Even if you’re more disciplined than that, maybe a friend or associate asks you to meet with them. You think it’s important and agree, but really they just waste your time for an hour or two with small talk. A bad lunch meeting cuts your morning schedule short, takes up part of the afternoon, and by the time you get back into a rhythm you’re probably too tired to keep working.

These examples of distractions plague all of us. Think about how often you check your phone or how maybe how much time you spend playing some dumb game?

There can also be distractions that seem positive. A new business idea may be sapping time and energy away from your current obligations and a current business. In the end, if you do both half way, neither will be successful. Jesus said in the Bible “no one can serve two masters, either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.”

The rest of the verse is worth reading and maybe it will be the subject of a post later about having the proper motivation, but regardless of your religious beliefs it is clear that the proverb holds true.

Now, of course multi-tasking is a necessary part of life, but if you truly want to succeed in something, maybe it’s not a business but becoming healthier or just a better person, you have to be devoted to that thing. Each choice you make, as I’ve written before, must lead to the culmination of your ultimate goal. Other things will come up that you will have to handle, but never lose focus.

Keep your eyes on your goal and remember what it is that is motivating you to do whatever you are doing.

For the rest of this week, try to pick one thing, as specifically as possible, and accomplish it. Make it reasonable, but challenging enough that it requires some extra effort. Focus on that one thing and get it done by the end of the week. Going forward into next week pick another, then after that another. Don’t just move on because one got difficult. You must accomplish the goal.



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