Daily Bread 10/5: Learning From Odell Beckham

A couple weeks ago I wrote about your life being the sum of your choices. This week one of the top stories in sports has been Odell Beckham, Jr. and his sideline outbursts the last 2 weeks and what appeared to be an emotional meltdown after the Giants lost to the Vikings Monday night.

There’s been multiple occasions of crying on the sideline, something I don’t remember anyone other than Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis doing not in relation to a loss, and a fight, which he lost, with a practice net, but Monday night’s postgame interview is the low point of Beckham’s short career.

Full disclosure, I’m not a Giants fan at all and think Beckham is pretty overrated on the basis of him playing in New York and making a great catch one time, but that withstanding Odell is not owning his choices.

In the interview above he pulls a fake accountability classic, basically saying “I take responsibility for it being your fault” to the media and the referees. I do not want to pile on to the criticism that he has been taking, nor do I aim to indict his character. I’m sure he’s a decent guy and he’s far from the only one to do this. I just want to point out a few of his specific actions that have become so public that we can all learn from so that we don’t make the same mistakes ourselves.

As I said before, your life is the sum of your choices. Obviously Odell Beckham has made some very good choices that have gotten him to where he is, but recently he’s made a series of bad ones.

Odell choose to trash talk with the DB’s. He chooses to dance whenever a camera is around and to dye his hair. He chooses to do the endorsements that raise his profile. None of these are bad things, but they come with consequences. Those consequences are guys like Josh Norman and Xavier Rhodes taking shots at you when they get the chance.

Odell then chooses to let it get to him. He fights practice nets, he cries on the sideline, and he starts schoolyard-kid style shoving matches during the games. These things too have consequences. One, it makes the defenders that much more likely to try to get under his skin and two, it results in flags. The more flags he gets, the more the refs will be looking at him and the more he hurts his team.

Nothing happens to him that is not a direct consequence to his actions. Is he targeted? Of course, he’s considered one of the top receivers in the league, but his response leads to so much more trouble than is necessary.

The same thing happens to us, even if it’s much less public and different in nature. Certain people will hate you and try to bring you down. Uncontrollable circumstances will impact your life. The thing that matters is your response.

Don’t let those people get to you and don’t let those circumstances drag you down. Rise above them. Everyone has obstacles to overcome, some of their making and some undeserved. Regardless, they are your’s to overcome, not to whine about and blame others for.

Again, I don’t want this to be a hit piece against Odell Beckham. He has accomplished a lot in his short career, but his latest actions embody a sickness in our society that we must remedy and that we cannot fall into ourselves.



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