Daily Bread 9/27: Stop Pandering

Last night was the first US Presidential Debate. Fortunately, since my Falcons were beating down the Saints (We Dat, for those who seem to always ask) I had a valid excuse to not watch it.

I did catch up on some of it this morning though, making it through about 45 minutes before frustration made me turn it off. The pandering was just insufferable.

Clinton threw every vague label in the book at Trump, coming up with all new kinds of ‘phobias’ that just get more and more nonsensical, all to try to virtue signal how much greater she is than the supposedly “hateful” man across the stage. Never mind the fact that Trump helped bankroll Hillary, her husband, and her friends’ careers over the last two and a half decades.

Meanwhile, Trump cried that economic superpowers like Mexico and Thailand are apparently bankrupting the United States. He claimed NAFTA was destroying the economy and only he could make it more ‘fair’.

This year both candidates are all in on pushing the victim complex and positioning themselves as the hero. To Clinton, Trump and his supporters are hateful bigots that want to persecute everyone different than them and only the federal government can prevent them from doing so. All of which is ironic when you consider that the protests going on across the country come from claims of violence perpetrated by the government.

Trump points to ‘globalists’ and claims that Clinton and her fellow corrupt career politicians that he says have sold out American interests and should be blamed every time an obsolete factory closes or a more efficient means of production is created. Again there’s an irony to this, one in that, as I said before, Trump has been funding these politicians his whole life, and two that he is one of the people he criticizes for moving businesses offshore when it becomes cost-effective. Again, the solution is to give the federal government more power, even though they are to blame as they create more problems by pushing more and more regulation each day.

My aim isn’t to make this a political blog so I’ll avoid the political reasons and purposes of these candidates and their actions and stick, instead, to what it says about the culture.

As pathetic as their strategies may seem, at the end of the day they worked. They are both on the verge of being named the so-called Leader of the Free World. All from pandering.

Hillary claims that Trump is a racist and the government has to help black communities. Sure, the decline of black prosperity correlates perfectly with the creation of more government control during LBJ’s Great Society, but that doesn’t matter. She acts like she cares and points to a bogeyman and thats enough.

Trump says to old factory workers that elitists don’t understand them and don’t care about them. Of course they don’t. Why should they? The US Government was not created to care, but to maintain rule of law and allow you to care about what you care about. To allow you to take care of what you needed to take care of.

While it’s almost surely too late to get a different President, it is never too late to change the culture that got us to this point. The candidates are not the only ones pandering.

Stop looking for a hero, for someone to bail you out and lift you up. Don’t allow yourself to buy into the narrative that the system must be changed to your advantage. Just acknowledge that you will have bad breaks, bad things will happen, and deal with it. As I said last week, live robustly and learn to handle these situations as they arise. Don’t look to big brother to help you out, because anything big enough to help you is big enough to crush you.

I know there are situations where you really do just need a temporary hand up. That’s what family is for. Or private charity. I work with a great charity myself in the Atlanta area that helps feed thousands of people every month. You don’t need the President of the United States to help you because they won’t and they can’t.

Do not be pandered to and do not allow those that you have influence with to be pandered to. Don’t do it yourself! I could have started a political blog and said the popular things and made some quick, easy money that way. Look at Steve Bannon and Breitbart.com or the Huffington Post. All they do is feed people what they want to hear and cash the checks.

Say what you mean let your word stand for something. Challenge one another if you or a friend start to feel sorry for yourselves. Keep your eyes open and realize, with the possible exception of some family, no one has your best interests in mind but you. Be more suspicious the more someone claims to be able to help you. It’s a fraudulent game and it’s time we all wake up to it.

Comment below with your thoughts and please share it with your friends. We can only change the culture one person at a time.