Daily Bread 9/26: Making the Most of Opportunities

This was a sad weekend for sports fans. Not only did golfing legend Arnold Palmer pass away at 87, but many woke-up Sunday morning to the news that rising Marlins star José Fernández had died in a boating accident overnight. At just 24 Fernández was a unanimous top-5 pitcher, even after overcoming an injury that cost him nearly a whole season in his short career.

This isn’t to mention what Fernández accomplished to even make it to the Majors. After 4 attempts to escape Communist Cuba, and being jailed 3 times, Fernández finally escaped with a group including his mother. At one point during the trip, in the darkest of dark nights, someone fell off the boat. Fernández jumped off the boat, found them and pulled them back aboard. Though he didn’t know it when he jumped in, it was his mother who had fallen overboard. Fortunately both eventually safely made it to America and joined his father in Tampa, Florida.

This story from CBS Sports goes into more depth on that story and just what an icon Fernández was in Miami.

He also, sadly had just posted a picture on his Instagram page announcing his coming child.


Stories like this seem to counter the point I made last week about you being the sum of your choices. It seems like no matter what unfair things happen and take away good people. Well, that’s true. But that should just motivate you to make the most of every day and every opportunity you have.

Fernández accomplished more in his 24 years than many do in 90. Because of his hard work and his commitment to the community his family should remain financially stable and be otherwise taken care of. It’s not about how long your journey is, it’s just about what you do along the way.

Let this tragic event be a reminder to how valuable life is. Remember how valuable that time is when you feel like sleeping in. Remember what really matters when you have the choice to do something truly meaningful for someone else. Better yourself so you can make the most of every day you have left.

None of us know when it will end, we can only make the most of every second we get.

There’s an old adage that says if you have $86,400 and someone takes $10 from you, would you spend the remaining $86,390 trying to get the $10 back? Of course not. Well, you have 86,400 seconds in every day. If somebody brings negativity into your life or tries to bring you down for 10 seconds, don’t spend the rest of your day worrying about it. Just move on. Your time is more valuable than that. The tragic loss of José Fernández should remind us all of that.

If you aren’t familiar with who Fernández was, below is a video of some of his highlights:




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