Daily Bread 9/19: Welcome

With so many magazines, websites, and blogs, why should you spend your valuable time with us?

Well, if you are like me then when you peruse these sites or look at the news all you see is a new victim and a new problem that some group is demanding somebody else to fix.

There is no personal responsibility.

I’m not here to wax about days gone by, or to whine about ‘millennials’ (a term I despise) being too dependent. This is a problem that long precedes this generation that, at least by birth year, I too am a part of.

Look at the two Presidential candidates. Both nearing 70 and both making a campaign off of grievances.

Hillary says half the country are ‘deplorables’ and comes up with all kinds of -phobias with which to diagnose them. She thinks, or at least claims, that these people who believe differently from her are evil and out to get anyone in one of the so-called ‘protected classes’. There is a new person everyday that has been victimized by the oh so terrible system that has made her and her family so rich without them contributing anything of note to society.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump riles up huge crowds by pointing to some kind of international bogeyman that is stealing jobs from Americans. Someone with as much business success as Trump knows full well that these many manufacturing jobs are not coming back to America, nor should they. If it is cheaper to make a product somewhere else, then why punish the consumer with higher prices? Instead train that former factory worker on how to sell the product. This is how economic progression works. Would it have made sense to criticize Henry Ford for revolutionizing the auto industry for all the carriage drivers it would put out of business?

The point here is not to criticize the Presidential candidates, but to show that a world full of excuses and finger pointing is nothing new.

I was listening one of Eric Thomas’s speeches this morning and he articulated the mentality that this society so badly needs in a great way. The point of his speech is that, yes you will be wronged. People have done things to put you at a disadvantage. No matter who you are or where you come from, there have been some bad breaks.

None of that matters though. Your future is up to you. I believe there is a reason that in the Bible so little time is spent on the backstory of many impactful actors, but it will spend chapters and books going line-by-line of the laws of Ancient Israel. It’s because it does not matter what they did before or where they came from. It mattered what they did when their time came.

Dr. Thomas said, paraphrased, that it’s not about getting knocked down. Sometimes you just run into someone or something that knocks you down. It’s about getting up. If months later, or even years later you are still laying down, that is no one else’s fault but your own.

You choose when to get up in the morning, you choose how to prioritize your life, and you choose what to do with the time you are given and the opportunities in front of you.

The Daily Bread will be a daily feature at the Clutch Club where we will try to motivate you and help you achieve what you are meant to achieve. Sometimes it may be a story, or sometimes an idea that you should pursue. Going forward I plan for this site to provide the tools to help you along the path and hope for the community of readers and writers to create an environment that pushes one another and strives to reach your goal, financially, spiritually, physically, or whatever it may be.

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Even if you don’t want to subscribe, and we promise we will be careful with your information and not send you spam mail, please comment and further the conversation. Not just on this article, but across the site. This is not for me or for our writers, this is to build a community to help all of us overcome the toxic culture of victimization and finger-pointing that is driving us all apart and bringing us down.

It is up to people like you to make a stand and show what you can accomplish and to be an example to others.