The Inky Johnson Story

Many of you have probably seen this video going around on Facebook and social media for a couple weeks since gaining popularity as the college football season started, but most probably do not know the context behind it. I didn’t, so I did some research on Inky Johnson, the path he’s taken, and what he’s doing now.

Hopefully this will help you get through your Monday and realize it really isn’t too bad.

The more I learned the more it confirmed to me that Inquoris ‘Inky’ Johnson is the embodiment of everything the Clutch Club stands for and strives to breed in today’s culture. As he explains, this is a man that was born with nothing. Statistically, it was much more likely for him to not make it to adulthood than to be successful.

But statistics don’t make a man and Inky Johnson decided he was going to live a different life than what he saw as “normal” around him.

Take a moment today to think about the scenarios he was faced with growing up, and then at Tennessee. Think about the foresight, determination, and dedication it takes to be 7 years old and running drills with the only light coming from the headlights of his mother’s car. Racing down the street every day to be fast enough, strong enough. Good enough.

Eventually this young man got a full scholarship to the University of Tennessee to play football and continued working until he seemed like a sure-fire lock for the NFL. Finally, the dreams he had been working towards for 15 years were on the verge of coming true.

Unfortunately, Johnson had still yet to face his greatest challenge.

After what appeared to be a routine tackle, Inky didn’t get up. He was rushed into emergency surgery just to save his life, but his football career was gone. All that he had worked for, gone in a second. No one could blame him if his story ended there.

But it didn’t. Inky Johnson has gone on to use this curse as a blessing like Joseph and inspired thousands of others.

If you haven’t seen his video it is posted below and I encourage you to share it with others. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you give yourself no other choice and Mr. Johnson should be a standard bearer for us all.