Movies to Inspire the Hustle

No matter how great your work ethic everybody has a day where they just can’t get motivated or a night where they sit up wondering whether or not all this work will pay off and if it might just be better to take that 9 to 5 and take a simple check.

Sometimes a movie can inspire and get you back on the right track. Here’s some that we recommend:













  1. Paid in Full

Simply one of the best movies out there. Inspiring and offers a lot to learn, I don’t want to spoil anything so suffice to say every hustler needs to see it.


2.  Scarface

Another legendary movie. I obviously don’t condone his methods but Tony Montana’s rise from migrant camp to mogul shows the magic of America (along with some always welcome shots at communism).


3.   Lord of War

Based loosely on the stories of several notorious arms dealers, this movie features Nic Cage battling the ethical dilemma of both the nature of his work and his efforts to find a work-life balance, the latter of which may be familiar to many of you. Also, know that whatever your competition, it’s got nothing on Cage’s rivals.

4.   Straight Outta Compton

The most recent movie on this list, the odds couldn’t have been much more stacked against NWA. Their genre of music didn’t even really exist. You want to learn about creating a market and creating a movement? Check out Straight Outta Compton. There’s some really good insight on team-building, teamwork, and reconciliation.

5.   Wolf of Wall Street

I hesitated to adding this one to the list, but at the end of the day Belfort accomplished a lot and there’s a lot to learn from both good and bad. His hustle was beyond reproach, but you might want to stay within the lines a little more than Belfort did.


6.   Hustle & Flow

Terrence Howard’s first of two appearances on the list as he rises from Memphis pimp to nationally-known rap star. The Three 6 Mafia sound track doesn’t hurt and with the Grit ‘N Grind Grizzlies, this movie couldn’t be more Memphis.


7.   Fighting

Terrence Howard’s second appearance is a little more obscure than most of the others on the list, but it’s easy to find since it’s on Netflix. Channing Tatum starts on the side of the street selling bootleg books. Howard realizes he has some fighting chops and leads him from the bottom to take over the underground New York fighting scene.


8.   Rocky (All of them)

Do you really need anymore explanation than that picture?


9.   Jobs

Much better than the Steve Jobs hit piece that followed, this movie showcases how Steve Jobs may have been crazy, but that is what drove him. Like Jordan. Like Kobe. Sometimes you have to be crazy to be great.


10.   The Aviator

Aside from being just a great movie critically, this movie, based on a true story, showcases both what a single driven man can accomplish, but also the dangers of being driven and what can happen if you do not be careful to not get burned out.


11.   King of New York

Often compared to Scarface, Christopher Walken plays a character bent on recapturing his former kingdom, the streets of New York City.


12.   It’s a Wonderful Life

Ending this list on a lighter note, maybe, this classic by the great Frank Capra just showcases the American Dream and how important perseverance is.

Now, quit watching movies, get off the couch and make it happen!