The Next Generation: Air Jordan XXXI

In a world of so many bandwagon jumpers and front-runners it’s unique and refreshing to see someone willing to pave their own path.

Well, here in the Clutch Club, we are one of the last bastions for that second group of people and thus should honor those who do so. One of those people is Russell Westbrook.

After he whose name shall not be mentioned perpetrated one of the most cowardly moves in modern sports history, nearly everyone expected Russ to work his way to greener pastures in a bigger market with a more promising roster than OKC could offer. No one could have blamed him for doing so, the future was beginning to look bleak for Coach Donovan and company.

Instead, he did the opposite, which really should be expected of Westbrook at this point, and re-upped with the Thunder. At 2-1 odds to win the MVP we could be about to witness an all-time great season from what seems to be one of the few stand-up guys left among the NBA’s stars.

We aren’t the only ones to feel this way either, as the fine folks at Slam show with an excellent profile of both Westbrook and the latest Air Jordan, which is just as impressive as it’s new spokesman and worth a look.

We strongly encourage you to check out the Slam story here