Ben Watson on The National Anthem and Kaepernick

The whole Kaepernick not standing saga is basically everything the Clutch Club is looking to change in society. For one, in today’s America, despite her imperfections, there is no system holding you back. Kaepernick himself is exhibit A for this. Secondarily, Kaepernick’s “protest” is like the college students that stage “sit-ins” so they don’t have to actually work to change anything. If there is someone or something impeding you and others then actually do something about it. Something more than sitting and complaining in a purely divisive way.

Anyway, this is the first and last you will here of this so called controversy on this site and the only reason we bring it up in the first place is to highlight the comments of the always wise Benjamin Watson, tight end for the Baltimore Ravens. His comments from his facebook page are below: